Chuck Kotlaris -

A long time performing artist, Charles Kotlaris AKA Chuck is a singer songwriter vocalist and lead & rhythm guitar player currently based in the heart of Music City, Nashville, TN.

Has played guitar since he was 10 years old.

He was lead guitarist for 10 years in one of Nashville’s Churches, opened many times for the Annual Centennial Park Blues Festival in Nashville, is still hosting and running since 1995, one of Nashville’s longest running Blues Jams. The local Blues Jam has allowed him to play with many of the areas seasoned pros.

He has played, fronted and been a side man in many bar bands, playing from Upper Michigan to southern Florida including Middle Tennessee. Has played an acoustic gig with his wife Kathy (Singer, Songwriter, 12 String Acoustic Guitar player) in the Vandy Area for many years. 

Has recorded on many area studio projects in the Nashville area.

His passion is Blues, Blues rock & classic rock.

He loves performing & writing Blues songs with a comic twist.  

2010  Smokin Tone Guitar
 Fender Strat HSS Guitar
Owens Weisenborn


Amps-"All tube of course"
1-Smokin Tone Professional Octal Tube Amp
1- 1951 Stromberg Carlson
Both Amps connected in stereo

A work in progress
For sure- Tuner, Wah, 2 Dirt Pedals, Stereo Delay, Stereo Chorus


Chuck ripping the blues             Vocals
Lead Guitar


Chuck with his SRV