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Rule 1Our Jams are for fun. They are for entertainment of the audience & participants.
We try to make it fun. If you have to, work hard to make it fun. If it isn't fun, don't do it.
Introduce yourself to the host, sign in.
The sign in sheet enables the host to keep a complete band on stage ( Drummer, Bass, Vocals, Etc) so that everyone has a backing band. Introducing yourself allows the host to put a face to the signed in name. Any suggestions or comments about the jam should go the host. We have tried to incorporate all the things we didn't like about area jams and try to do a better job. It's not easy. Remember that we set the whole thing up ( and tear it down), haul, provide, replace stolen or broken equipment, maintain the equipment, make the arrangements for the venue, and have provided the core band so that all will have a chance to play.

Rule 2It's OK to make mistakes, experiment, screw up, or make a fool of yourself at the JAM.
The flip side of this is that you have to be tolerant of others who do the same.

In any case good manners should be as important here as in any social situation.
Rule 3Everyone is welcome at our JAM from beginner to professional.
We do have a few rules, and the host of the JAM makes them.
For example: Bring your instrument, sign in, and don't be critical or negative.
Frequent attendance at our Jam will improve your playing and teach you how to interact with others.
Learn how to play in different keys. If you are an expert, teach the beginners, don't condemn them. 
If you are a beginner, it may be better not to play anything if you are not sure of the key or the

Rule 4Everyone should get a chance to solo - if not in every song, then at least once when on stage. Don't solo unless its your time to solo. Don't step on someone else's solo.
There's nothing worse than trying to sing or play or solo and have someone else playing a solo against or with you. AKA Train Wreck.
If a solo is good or needs a second time around then it should get a second verse. 
A great solo deserves a third shot, but a great solo leads to something and should end of its 
own accord by the third verse. Even the drummers and the Bass player need to solo from 
time to time.
Turn down, play some rhythm while the soloist has his turn.
Playing rhythm requires coordination and a good understanding of the music.
Harmonica players have the hardest time playing rhythm, but harmonica rhythm sounds great.

Don't add embellishments and ornamentation to the song needlessly. Nuff said
Rule 5 SIGN IN !! You can't expect for us to know you want to play if you don't sign in.
Everyone plays that signs in before 9pm.
The amount of people signed up at any given time determines the playing time you get. 
Too many of any one type of player sounds like noise, and will lead to a train wreck. 
This is a live venue with bar patrons that come to hear live music, including the house band.
A good long running jam like this gets and has lots of varied participants and a variety of instruments,
with sometimes a half dozen people playing at the same time. 
All should respect each other. The object is to have fun, play, and to improve. Remember rule 1.
The sign in sheet enables the host to keep a complete band on stage all night.
( Drummer, Bass, Vocals, Etc)

Rule 6.  Learn the music. Blues is mostly one four five. If you don't know what that means, you need ask someone or take lessons at Superior Music. click here for lesson info: Superior Music Lessons
Rule 7.  If you are not soloing, turn down. There's a volume knob on your guitar.
Don't play loud. In jams there are always more than a few people.
The combined loudness will make total volume levels so high that the softer instruments and
players will not be heard. Learn to "Bring it Down".
If you can't here the soloist, TURN DOWN ! Don't expect him to turn up.
Sound levels have been adjusted by the host so that patrons ears aren't blown off.
If your Host turns you down or makes adjustments, it's because he wants everyone
to sound good and balanced. Don't sneak your volume up.
Rule 8. Call the song. If you are going decide which song to play next, then describe it. Try to make sure everyone knows the key.
Example: "Slow shuffle in E, quick 4, stays in the 1 in the guitar solo. 
The singer will signal the stops in the intro."
Rule 9.   Don't be shy, it's OK to come to the Jam and feel out the situation the first couple of times. We also like to have an audience. But after that, if you play or sing, you need to join in and play.
The jam is a chance for people to get out and have a good time. Participate!
Encourage others to participate. Some people want to be coaxed. Coax them.
Remember that you were once at that level.
Rule 10. Applaud. Be happy. Reward positive behavior. The jam isn't about you, it's about US.
Make everyone feel they've done a good job. Even the worst player has to be better in the last
song than he was in the one before. Everyone can get better and they will.

We will not & do not tolerate rude inconsiderate patrons. You WILL be asked to leave.

Rule 11.  Control your alcohol and drug use. Don't get so drunk or high that it hurts your
 playing or upsets other people. It's hard to judge just how "screwed-up" you are, even when it is
perfectly obvious to everyone else. If you are nervous about playing, a drink might loosen you up a little, but control yourself. Drugs, especially, make some people uncomfortable. I personally don't like
it when there are drugs around. I don't appreciate people who bring drugs to the jam. It's bad
manners to assume that everyone at the jam is 'cool' enough to think that drugs are OK.
Rule 12. We like to mix up the musical styles. We don't play slow Blues shuffles in A or E all night.
Play some fast boogies and a few rock classics. Some SRV, 60's, Southern Rock all go well.
Change keys. Play an original.
 The beauty of this Blues Jam is the variety of music to choose from.
Everyone brings something a little different to the table.
Don't play just one kind of song. But - see next rule.
Rule 13Play easy songs. Songs with complicated changes and key changes make it
hard on those that don't know the song. Play simple songs that everyone knows. This isn't work.
 It should be FUN!!
Rule 14.  Let the drummer call the beat if you can. He'll use his sticks and count off the beat.
Don't do this yourself. The Drummer and the Bass players are the backbone of the music.
Let them lead you. If you are a drummer, drive the song.
Don't let the guitar players do your job.
You have to keep it steady. Don't let anyone speed you up.
If you are a Bass Player, please keep the drummer straight.
Rule 15.  Listen to your Host when he says it's time to rotate your position.
He knows how many players there are, and how much time is left, so that all get a chance to play.
Rule 16SUPPORT THE VENUE !! Probably needs to be number one.
Be sure to tip the waitresses, buy all your drinks and food at the bar, and don't sneak
out to the fast food place up the road. If the venue doesn't sell anything, they will quit providing a place for the jam. Simple! Also, don't throw up in the bathroom. Don't start fights.
Remember, this is supposed to be fun.
If you don't have something nice or constructive to say, don't say it.
Rule 17.  Take a break, order a sandwich, shoot some pool, have a drink,
talk to the pretty girl at the bar, or flirt with the waitress. Let someone else be the star for a set.
Depending on attendance and sign-ups, the Jam will rotate players every two or three songs
to let someone else take a shot at stardom.
Rule 18.  Bring your own axe. Don't ask to borrow a guitar or (yuck) someone's harmonica.
If you are a harp player, bring your own Mic and or amp and ask your Host where you can set up and plug in to the board. Do not do this yourself. Equipment is expensive, and you don't want to damage it. Guitar amps & a tuner, Drums, Bass Amp, and a PA with microphones are provided,
please don't ask to bring or set yours up.
The goal of our Jam is to keep live music going continuously for 4 hours.
Changing out equipment takes time and defeats that purpose.
Drummers should bring their own sticks. Drummers should also bring extra sticks.
Guitar players should bring picks, slides, extra strings and batteries. Host approved effects are OK.
Harp players, bring more than one harp - don't make the band play in G all night.
Rule 19.  Bring your friends, everyone likes an audience and a fun evening.
See, hear, meet & network with area musicians.
Shoot pool, play, sing, listen, eat & drink.
Our goal is for you to have a good time.
Rule 20 Practice at home. Bring a new riff or song or idea to the Jam each week. 
Make each jam better than the last. Don't put you axe in the case after the jam and leave
 it there until the next jam. Get better!

Rule 21 ??.  Make a new rule.
Go to the jam and figure out how it could be improved and tell me about it.
I'll add the rule here