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Serial Numbers & Tech Info
Fender American Guitar Serial Numbers

Fender Japanese Guitar Serial Numbers
Fender Mexican  Guitar Serial Numbers
Fender Tube Amp Data

Tubes used, How to date your amp,
 Speaker codes, Years made, etc..
Ibanez Japanese Guitar Serial Numbers

Marshall Amp Serial Numbers
Martin Guitar Serial Numbers
Gibson Guitar Serial Numbers
Gibson Tube Amps

Probably one of the most thorough
resource for older Gibson Amps !
Tubes used, How to date your amp,
Speaker sizes, production numbers,
Years made, Photos, etc...
String Instrument Tunings
From Banjo to Violin, all stringed instruments that we could think of are listed here, along with the most common tunings for that instrument.

Alternate Guitar Tunings
All the common, and some not so common, tunings for your guitar. Try these, I guarantee you will open new doors in your playing.

Guitar Chord Finder
All the common, and some not so common, Guitar Chords for your guitar. Learn your chords and improve your playing.


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