Jamming the blues every Tuesday night

February 24, 8:54 PM ·

Cragnacker's Bar & Grill-4700 Old Hickory Blvd., O.H.

Since early November, in 2005, Superior Music and Chuck Kotlaris have been sponsoring the blues jam every Tuesday night at Cragnacker’s Bar & Grill in Old Hickory. Chuck is also the front man for the Blues Injection band, which hosts the event from 7:00pm until 11:00pm. This is an open blues jam, and musicians are welcome to bring their guitars, drumsticks or harmonicas. Amplifiers and backup musicians are provided.

A few years ago, I became aware of this jam when browsing the Superior Music website. There is a link on the site, which takes you to the rules of the jam. The list of rules covered every question I had. There are 36 rules (on three different pages) outlining the big picture very clearly. Not to say that there is any tension in the rules, or at the jam. The clarity of the rules is to keep things as orderly as possible. In fact, this might possibly be the most orderly music jam, of any genre, that I have been to yet. When I jammed there, I was treated pleasantly and with the utmost respect, even though not one soul there had ever met me before.

Cragnacker’s is a huge place, compared to most sports bars I have been to or played music at. There are 15 pool tables, dartboards, plenty of screens for sports viewing and a very extensive menu, including their special all-you-can-eat hot wings. (with the emphasis on hot!) The stage is big enough to handle a full sized band, and there is plenty of sitting room in the bar for watching the band or having something to eat or drink. Add to that plenty of parking, both in front and in back, and you have a fun, no-hassle Tuesday night out with live music.

So, if you’ll excuse me now, I’m going to go play some blues and eat some very hot wings.

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