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Special rules for singers:
Rule 1.  Don't expect everyone to know your songs. Buy a good cheat book and be familiar 
with the melodies of all the songs in it. Don't be ashamed to sing out of a cheat book.


Rule 2.  Bring your all your friends. I don't know why, but singers always have fun friends.
Rule 3.  Allow time for all of the players to solo before you end the song.
Rule 4.  Don't touch the mic. (Feedback) Avoid moving the mic.
Adjust the mic stand once at the beginning. Don't tap on the microphone.
You are there to sing.

Rule 5.  Jams never have enough singers. You can make the song great.
Rule 6.  Get the audience involved.
You can be a star - but share the spotlight with the group.
Rule 7.  Sell the song. Don't stand still and sing. Move! Singing is much more than noise from
your mouth. Dance, if you can. Your voice reflects what your body is doing.
Blues is emotional by definition. Make your whole body reflect that emotion.
Rule 8.  Lead the band. In a song with a singer, you are usually the leader. You call the
stops and choose the soloists. If you aren't going to lead the song, make sure some else does.